Exploring London in the Summer

Crashing in my hostel at about 2am everyone is already fast asleep and it feels like only 30mins after I fall sleep the bloody sun is up again. I’ve been told the best way to fight jet lag is just to get straight into the normal routine without having a super long sleep on arrival. So I decide to explore the neighbourhood, get some breakfast and a sim card for the phone.

The seedy looking area that I walked through the night before looked much better in the day time and seems like a quite posh area actually! Nothing better to start the day than an English Breakfast by Hyde Park. On the way I see Royal Albert Hall and the Museum of Natural History, as well as passing by the famous department store, Harrods, though I would leave shopping for crap till the end of my trip just before returning home.

Cannot stress enough how beautiful it was outside, perfect for strolling around the city. I spent a lot of the day lounging around in Hyde Park, listening to some live music in Green Park and eventually making my way to Buckingham Palace. It is absolutely packed full of tourists, more than I have ever seen in my life, in every kind imaginable; the elderly asian tour groups, the school kids, the ‘professional photographers’, the bumbag (aka fanny pack) wearing Americans…


Next stop was exploring the Natural History Museum – again packed full of school kids on their field trips. Nonetheless I still had fun browsing some of the more quiet sections as the kids tend to stick to the interactive exhibits on the ground floor. The rest is standard sightseeing fare on to the tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Shard before grabbing dinner with the roomates at the hostel. I spent the night in your typical english football pub while the FIFA world cup was on, proceeding to watch Germany defeat France in the quarter finals.


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