The British Museum & Wimbledon

Today I decide to use a hire bike to get around and see more of the city than I could on foot, it’s quite cheap and gets you a decent work out. These are those ‘Barclays’ or ‘Boris’ bikes as they are known in London that you can rent from several bike stations around the city which you can easily drop off at another station.

I first used it to see the rest of Hyde Park which is much, much larger than the Hyde Park we have back at home in Sydney and end up doing three laps for a bit of morning exercise with a view. Next stop was the British Museum; now although I have not been to many museums this was the best of them all on my opinion.


As you walk in to the Great Court, it leaves a statement of how large the place is. I studied Ancient History in high school and so I felt enthralled at having the opportunity to browse the great number of artefacts from antiquity I have only ever seen in textbooks up until now, it contains everything including Ancient Egypt, the Greeks & Romans, and the Dynasties from the Far East.

Also at this time of the year the Wimbledon Championships are on, and the British Summer of Tennis is a quintessential experience. They had many outdoor screens across the city but I wanted the real thing. So I caught the tube down to Wimbledon and although unable to grab a ticket for a game (they sell out months before, you also need to be in a ballot to get a chance to even buy these tickets) I manage to get entry into the grounds.

I spend the beautiful afternoon watching a match on the outside screen with strawberries & cream along with Pimms on the Henman Hill, more recently known as ‘Murray Mound’ after two-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray.


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