Benvenuti a Venezia!

On my flight to Venice from London there were some cool views out of the plane of the City built on Water. There was so much hype about the place, how amazing it was exploring the hundreds of canals and strolling the romantic streets of Venice. The hostel I was staying was on an island called Giudecca and was separated from the main island. A ferry network connected the various places of the city much like any bus network would. I picked up a 3 day ‘Rolling Venice’ travel card that is available to youth that gives you unlimited travel on the Ferries.

The airport is located on the mainland and to get to the actual city of Venice you must take a short bus across the bridge to the train/bus terminal at the far North-West end of the floating city. While the ferry to my hostel is not very fast it gives you ample time to admire the views of the city from the water.


My roomate is Sungyeo, a friendly guy from Korea also doing a bit of solo travel in Europe before meeting up with his girlfriend later in the month. Its about 6pm so we decide to grab some dinner and he invites me to listen to a free Orchestra playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in one of the many Churches/Chapels around the city. It is also my first time seeing any Orchestra and it is quite beautiful to say the least.


Now seeing as Venice is as far from a party destination as can be (there are no nightclubs and very little number of bars) we decided to head back to the hostel. To our surprise we return to find most of the hostel sitting outside by the water admiring the pink twilight over all sorts of Italian Beers. Moretti & Poretti while tasting decent are the equivalent of VB back in Australia; Peroni is the world-known Italian beer that hardly anyone in Italy drinks, while Menabrea is probably one of the more popular beers that don’t fall in to the cheap beer category.

We end up chatting and drinking into the night with the various travellers, this was really my first experience socialising with people from all around the world, Germans, Americans, Brazilians, Koreans and Spaniards. But lets not forget the ever present fellow Aussies which there will always be at least a few in any given hostel around the world at any given time… amazing I can travel around the world and still feel at home!

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