Venice open for business

I had arrived in Venice the day before but hand’t had much time at all to explore the city, everything was closed as it was a Sunday evening. Now the sun is up and San Marco’s Square could not look more busy! The ferry I caught to the San Marco’s felt like a peak hour commuter service yet was filled many, many tourists, myself included. There are street merchants selling worthless trinkets every 10 metres it seems and tourists keep on pouring in from every direction.

While I have never been to Disney Land I feel it would be appropriate to mention right now that Venice is giving off the same vibe. Everything is crazy expensive, but what’s more crazy is that there are so many people that can afford such excess like 10 euro coffees and 30 euro pastas!

However its not all bad if you make your way out of the hectic San Marco district, there are cheaper and much nicer cafes and restaurants in Dorsoduro and Castello. There is a wonderful rustic feel you get just getting lost in the endless laneways of Venice, I never really needed directions as Venice is an island surrounded by water, where could you possibly go? I would keep walking till I ended up at a canal and just follow the edge till I reached a Ferry station.

It gets a little tiring though in the heat, and the humidity certainly isn’t doing any favours. A nice alternative to taking a gondola ride which costs upwards of 80 euro is to make use of the unlimited travel card I had on the Ferrys, known as a vaporetto, to sightsee along the canals.

Overall not the worst experience, Venice has its charms and beauty but I’m afraid for me its not enough to overlook how incredibly touristy it can become in the summer. I would probably not return lest the visit is a much quieter period, free from the hustle and bustle.

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