Excursion to Burano

Burano is one of the small outlying islands near Venice in the lagoon, I had been told it’s worth having a look by some of the other travellers in my hostel and they are not wrong! Unlike Venice, Burano is much quieter and still feels like an actual town rather than the superficial feel you sometimes get around San Marco. It is largely residential, with many of the businesses on the island being family owned and run. The restaurants and shops were much nicer and polite and also quite reasonably priced. However the main attractions is the scenery from the various brightly coloured houses.

After a long day of exploring it was time to wind down back at the hostel, but wait, the FIFA World Cup is on with Brazil facing Germany in the Semi Final! Nearly the whole hostel was downstairs in anticipation for the game to be played on the projector. Now you don’t have to be a football fan to know the result of the match, Germany humiliated Brazil 7-1, the german backpackers were absolutely ecstatic and the rest of us in the hostel couldn’t believe our eyes! What a game for the ages. Drinking and celebrations went long into the night and I don’t remember much else…

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