Florence, a city full of History

As you walk around Florence, or ‘Firenze’ in the native tongue – you can’t help but notice that it seems it is a city frozen in time. All the buildings have a rustic feel and as you wander the streets it seems everything is sepia-tone.

There are no traces of any high rise buildings or apartments, apparently buildings must not exceed a certain heigh as to accentuate the huge cathedral in the center of town, nor are new modern styled buildings allowed to be built.

I have never seen more Art Galleries, Museums and chapels in the one city. Not all of them are free so I decide to explore to only explore a few. I remember one in particular that contained murals with inscriptions such as ‘MEDIOLANUM’ and ‘PATAVIUM’. I recognise these names in particular as ancient roman cities in Italy, their modern day equivalents; Milan and Padua being built on top. Not only is this city steeped in history but contains many famous paintings in the Uffizi gallery.

Perhaps the most famous display is free for the public to see, Michelangelo’s David. There are also many recognisable statues on display in the town squares such as that of Poseidon, Hercules and Perseus.


After a long day of sightseeing with my new British friend, Felix, we head back to the hostel to wash up before meeting some of the new guests, one a fellow Aussie from Melbourne and the others from Canada and New Zealand. Our group of commonwealth denizens head back into town across the Ponte Vecchio for a delicious pizza dinner while sharing stories of our travels so far.

We proceed to head back down to the banks of the river to watch the Grand Final of the FIFA world cup on an outdoor screen. The Germans in the crowd go absolutely nuts as they defeat Argentina in extra time! We all party it up with the locals and the bars are open all night for this special occasion; we try to end up pub crawling back in the general direction of our Hostel but we lose the Canadians along the way! We found out the next morning she had to stay with her friend who was busy throwing up in some alleyway (solid effort).



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