Cruising around Split

Split is the biggest party destination in Croatia, and probably one of the biggest in Europe this time of year. This is where all the cruise ships depart as well as the famous Yacht week and Sail Croatia tours. It also just so happened that Ultra Music Festival was here just the day before we arrived. Within just a few minutes of walking around you are bound to run in to people trying to get you on various pub crawls or booze cruises – yes, its thats kind of city! Our first night here we were in search of one of these backpacker bars which we I think eventually did end up finding. Problem was, I spewed after only 1 drink as I had been having stomach troubles all day and pretty much shitting non stop for the evening (gross I know).

The next day we elected to do a bit of exploring the old town, which dates back to ancient Roman times, where this was once the seat of the Eastern Roman Empire. The old town is pretty much built on top of Diocletian’s Palace and you can even go underground and see some of the catacombs. To get a better view of the city we climbed up the bell tower, not too hard at all apart from each step being quite steep.

Evening activities consisted of drinks by the waterside on the pier you can see in one of the pictures. Then we headed out to a club called F Caffe, but at this point I got separated from the rest of the group and actually lost them for the rest of the night. Later on I find out they were just fine having drinks with fireworks/sparklers coming out of them (ridiculous I know). Meanwhile I was up to my own shenanigans and getting to know intimately some of the other club patrons. When I head back to the hostel, they are all surprised to find me alive! Surprise! Relax fellas just the usual hijinks.

Credits to James for this one. There might be some fireworks in your drink
Credits to James for this one. There might be some fireworks in your drink

Now we didn’t have too much time to explore Split, but honestly there was not much else to see. We went to supposedly the best beach in Split, and by Sydney standards it was pretty shit to be honest. It was a man-made beach with this awful dark brown sand, there was no current or waves so it meant all the urine from the kids who pissed in the sea linger around keeping the water warm. It was also quite shallow (not much good for actually swimming), shallow enough that supposedly there were people fucking in the water after a night out at the club. However I would return to Split, not for the city itself but to either go on a cruise or a yacht tour, or even out to one of the nearby islands like Hvar.

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