Czeching out Prague

Excuse the pun, Prague is actually a pretty cool place to check out as it still retains a classical atmosphere while still being one of the most modern cities. Coming in to Prague I actually knew very little of the place until we went on a city tour with one of the hostel’s hosts, Mirka and his dog Sasha (You can see him in the picture below, guy in the bottom left with the green shirt).

2014-07-23 11.50.46 HDR

Prague was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire at one point, you will find many statues of various Saints around the city. We also had a look around Prague Castle with some of the Guards still patrolling around, as well as St Vitus Cathedral. Again, we had to climb the bell tower which would be a little harder than St Peters as the winding staircase had over 730 steps compared to about 550 in the vatican. By this point I think we have a thing for climbing tall buildings, getting pretty good at it too as this time it seemed easier? Nevertheless I expected a great view, and a great view was had!

In Prague we also found that our money also went a lot further, here’s a few instances:

  1. After some sightseeing went went to lunch at a nearby cafe, for about 300 korunas or Czech ‘crowns’ (equivalent of about 12 euros) you could get a 3 course meal. I had some pumpkin soup followed by a monstrous Pork Knuckle with potato Dumplings (not the dumplings I expected – google it!) with some strudel for dessert; plus a pint of some locally brewed Czech beer. Also it is true, beer is cheaper than water here, it’s pretty good stuff too.
  2. We met up with Jack (another friend from uni) and his mates who were also doing a 6-week tour of Europe and we happened to be in Prague at the same time, and so we had dinner at one of the best places in Prague; Cafe Louvre. Again we had a 3 course meal with beers and wine only costing us around 20 euros each. This is pretty much a steal for such a nice restaurant. At this point I would also like to remark that our hostel was pretty conveniently located in the center of the city, easy to get to pretty much anywhere without too much hassle (Cafe Louvre happened to be literally across the road).
  3. Our first meal in Prague was KFC. Yep, good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Czech dinner box blows the fuck out of what our idea of a dinner box is. In Sydney you will pay about $11 AUD for such a box which contains a small fillet burger, 3 wicked wings, chips and a can of soft drink. Now in Prague 10 euros will get you a box with a large fillet burger (with cheese, slaw, beetroot, carrots…), 8 wicked wings, chips, gravy and unlimited drink refills (their drink machine also has ice tea and raspberry fanta in addition to the soft drinks).

Enough food talk. Drinks are also hell cheap; there was this once place that sells ‘XXL cocktails’ which were pretty much these buckets filled with I think 6 or more shots of various liquor, topped off with mixer and fireworks of course. Now most people share these with several straws but there are a few who would have this all to themselves given it is cheap enough to just have your own little jug. Sadly I didn’t get to experience one of these as I got separated from my group (organising to meet up is pretty difficult without being able to call/text). Most of the nice bars and restaurants are situated in old town, around the square with the big astronomical clock.


2014-07-22 23.19.46

I would definitely like to return to Prague again as I feel we had not explored nearly enough of the city. Most of our time was centered around District 1. There are 8 districts in the inner city and 22 in the metropolitan area; Given how big Prague 1 was I think we would spend a considerable amount of time to look around the other places, it only takes a quick google search to see that we have only scratched the surface!


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