München das ist güt!

Eins bier bitte!

That’s about as far as my german goes. Munich is probably the city where despite being in Germany, would not need to be able to sprechen sie deutsch. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I learned that most of the younger generation all know how to speak perfect english as they are taught it in school, and many signs and directions are also displayed in English. Despite this I still feel it would be nice to speak german as much as possible – I get a kick out of it as much as the locals probably do when they hear my ridiculous pronunciations and (probably) incorrect grammar.

We arrive in Munich from Prague on the night train and quickly check in to our Hostel, which seems is going off! The party looks pretty crazy in the hostel bar but we are a little too tired from the long train ride to join in on the festivities. The next morning, first stop on the sightseeing trail for us is the Deutches Museum, the largest science and technology museum in the world and it is massive. The picture below is only one tiny section of the Aviation Exhibit which contains several entire aircraft including everything from jet fighters, water boats, jet fuselages and helicopters.


This is probably the coolest museum I have ever been to or will ever go to. It houses everything from the entire history of Naval travel, Manufacturing, Space and Astronomy. My two favourite exhibits were the Electrical exhibit and the Mining exhibit. The electrical exhibit has a fucking lightning show demonstration, where a kid sits inside a metal cage and then they shoot lightning at it (the kid inside ifs of course unhurt as we have just learnt the electrical principle of conductivity; or in this case non-conductivity of the chair he was sitting on.)

The mining exhibit consisted of a trek down in to the cavernous underbelly of the museum, made to recreate what it was like working underground. The exhibit is a one way tunnel, much like walking through IKEA but instead of browsing furniture we are witnessing the history of mining. As we move past the old pick axes and hand drills we finally come to more modern methods of mining, the big gigantic drilling machines. My thoughts are instantly ‘holy fuck how the hell did they even get this shit in here? Did they put these huge machines in, and then build the museum on top? Were these machines functional at one point and just drilled their way up from China to the museum?’

But I digress. Anywho after walking around for so long it was time for a break so we decided to relax a little while in Hofgarten, near the Munich Residences. We quickly learned that the best German beer is ‘dünkels’ the dark german lager as we had a few brewskis in the outdoor cafe. For the rest of our time in Germany this would be all we drank – it was pretty tasty.




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