Bangkok & Ayutthaya

Where the fuck do I start; Bangkok is huge. Like fucking massive. There is a map of the city surrounds that covers quite a large area back at our hostel (Lub D) but that really only covers maybe 1/4 of the city. During our time here (close to a week) we didn’t even manage to make our way out to Khao San Road, Dusit, Sukhumvit or even across the Chao Praya. I think you honestly need a couple of weeks to really see all of Bangkok.

Enough said, I’ll recount a little bit about what we did do – that is excluding Malls/Restaurants (we spent a considerable amount of time just eating; like all-you-can-eat sushi which is fucking great but I am no food blogger so I’ll just leave that stuff out). I’ll also leave out our nightlife activities (ha). That doesn’t leave too much to talk about but hey let’s do it.

The Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew

If there is one place in all of Bangkok to find hordes upon hordes of Chinese tourists disembarking from a flotilla of coaches and buses this is it. Chinese Men and Women, young and old; follow the tour leader with their flag as if they were a drill Sergeant and it was time to invade the Palace. There are many signs saying ‘No Photos’ but it is useless as the Chinese fire away with their DSLRs. I am caught in the crossfire a few times, asked to get the fuck out of their shot (are you fucking kidding me). Not too proud of my next actions, I proceeded to photobomb as many of their precious shots as I could. /rantover

If you can ignore the annoying tourists for a moment, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is a sight to behold. Everything is covered in Gold or some other precious gems, the interior is probably the most ornate decoration I have ever seen. Sadly I have no photos as they are strictly forbidden in the most sacred temple in all of Thailand. No one but the king of Thailand is allowed to touch the Emerald Buddha which is perched atop the gold mountain, we are told the King comes to change the clothes of the Buddha 3 times a year at the start of each season. The rest of the palace looks very different architecturally, colonial style buildings I’m guessing is the residence for the King and Royal Family.



Okay so technically this one isn’t in Bangkok but we actually didn’t do very much in Bangkok. Ayutthaya is about a 1h 30m drive from Bangkok and is a very old capital of Thailand, also known as the ancient city. The city is dotted with many ruins of temples whose names I forget. Not to say that the ruins themselves are forgettable, they look amazing and it would have been awesome to see them in their heyday. Unfortunately without a guide/audiobook we are left with little explanation about the history or nature of the sites (possibly something for next time?).

Well apart from those two things those are the major attractions we saw around Bangkok! I think it definitely deserves another trip and this time I would probably love to visit Chinatown, Dusit Zoo, some Sky Bars, Khao San Road and the like. But hey we did have lots of fun in Bangkok but those stories are probably best not shared here… be back again in a bit Bangkok! I am advised to try and visit during Songkran, the Thai New Year where the city goes into full party mode – next April maybe?

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