Nha Trang

I had not seen the beach for weeks now – I was absolutely craving some sun and sand, luckily Nha Trang has plenty of both! After a roughly hour flight north-east from HCMC we arrived in Cam Ranh airport and proceeded to take a bus up the beautiful coastline with some amazing views.

Upon checking in I quickly changed straight into my swimmers and hit the beach! It was a well deserved break, everyone else was off taking mud baths (I didn’t want to go cos you know mud and shit) and so I just relaxed on the beach, taking in the views – I was going to wait for sunset but then I realised the sun sets behind us and sadly not over the ocean. But nevertheless the evening light is still quite beautiful, the locals are out and about doing their exercise, running up and down the boulevard, kids flying kites and rollerblading around the square.

Afterwards I had a little walk up and down the main strip, full of hotels and resorts, etc. It seems its not too busy this time of year but there are still all the lights left over from Tet (Viet new year) a few weeks ago. And so I fill up on my Ca Phe Sua Da quota for the day (I think this is number 4?) and walk about the night markets, I tested out my bargaining/haggling skills in Vietnamese (I finally learnt all the Vietnamese numbers!): I got a new pair of sandals for 120k VND and some hat for 20k VND – how do you think I did? I saw another tourist pay 70k VND alone for the same hat so I’d say I did alright 🙂

That night we had dinner at the Sailing Club (decent ish food) on the beach with our feet in the sand – bringing back the Jimbaran bay feels! The drinks aren’t nearly as cheap as we would like so we head to Why not Bar (there are fucking dozens of these littered all over the country) that is just a 2 min walk up the street – good vibes, we are pretty much surrounded by backpackers again and there is some decent music, everyone has a great night! Apart from two unlucky friends of mine that is, who had their phones stolen – prior to checking this bar out we had a look online as you do and found that many people have had the same experience. Money, bags, phones stolen; it just doesn’t seem like the place you’d feel too safe in leaving your valuables in. After that moment, every night out I left most of my stuff back at our place including my phone so there are not too many pictures of the nightlife as I had only brought a wad of cash to be safe.

2015-03-25 20.04.14

In the morning for some odd reason I had a strong urge to go see the sunrise – I think I was contemplating in my sleep that during this whole trip I had never mustered up the energy to go see a sunrise! Well seeing as I got back to my bed at 4am and the sunrise was at 5.45 it wasn’t too much of a stretch to hold on and stay awake. I was a little disappointed as I was expecting to actually see the sun, but it is beautiful nonetheless. I also thought at 5.30am the beach would be deserted – how wrong I was! All the locals were up and about doing their morning exercises, there are big groups of women doing some sort of aerobics/pilates set to music and plenty of cyclist/joggers/swimmers and what not – the vietnamese here are quite the healthy bunch!

2015-03-25 05.57.11

The rest of the day we were out on a private cruise around the islands with our group, passing by Vinpearl Island to snorkel around Mun Island. While the water is clear enough and there is plenty of coral and colourful fish to see, the reef is a little small and can get a little crowded at times due to the high number of tourists as pretty much all the cruise boats stop here. Luckily enough some of the nice spots are in deeper water, out of reach of the chinese tourists!

Then it was time for a nice seafood lunch on the water set to the tunes of a vietnamese ‘boyband’ (its actually just the crew members of the boats) but its pretty decent and everyone has a good time. Now it was time for free time – I was first to jump off the top of the boats to get the party in the sea started! Everyone headed upstairs to the top deck of the boat for a big jump into the water to join the floating bar – sick vibes all round! Had a great time in Nha Trang and was perfect for that beach getaway you need every now and then; holiday from a holiday I guess?



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