Top Nine of 2015

What a year.

These are some of my most memorable moments in the year that was 2015.



#9 Snow Trip

This was the first trip with just me and the bro and what better way to do it than a week at the snows. It was his first time so he was learning to snowboard quite painfully. Like most of us who had to learn to ski/snowboard on Australian ski slopes you would know that powder isn’t always around, and its common that you would be slipping around on ice rather than snow.

Although it was a lacklustre ski season, but hey, we still had a lot of fun down at Thredbo.


#8 Singapore & Thailand with da boys

Fuck where do I begin this was messy af. We started off all classy and shit living it up at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; where did it all go wrong.

We arrived in Singapore during the Chinese New Year, and it was also the 50th anniversary of Singapore being a country so there were heaps of celebrations all round. We couldn’t stay in Marina Bay Sands for the whole week cos we ain’t baller like that; so we moved to Chinatown not longer after which was also decent.

Next stop was Phuket and we were about to get wet. ay. We went fishing, snorkelling, island hopping and all that but the real fun happened at Bangla Road. Though we do not speak of this – what happens at Bangla road stays at Bangla road. Good times.

We headed to Bangkok after and had some good eats and checked out some of the ancient sites in Ayutthaya. And also like the tourists we are, got scammed by tuk tuk drivers trying to take us on a tour of Bangkok. derp. We eventually got to see the Royal Palace but there were way too many busloads of Chinese tourists there that day. Had more fun at Patpong where they had a weird combo of Muay Thai boxing and a Strip joint in the same place – I ain’t complaining tho.



#7 Bateman’s Bay

Just a classic beach house long weekend getaway down the south coast to celebrate two of my closest friends birthdays. Had an absolute mansion of a house and some great company to celebrate with. Get lit sesh errday. Get drunk all night. What a time to be alive. Happy birthday hideki and cc!

We were also right on the shore so we could go for a dip during the warm weekend and even got to spot some dolphins swimming around the bay. Good seeing ya flipper.


#6 Backpacking South East Asia

Another big trip to explore that much more of the world. I love travelling and going to new places and was absolutely chuffed at the opportunity to do it again. Shoutout to deb for letting me defer my job so I can go backpacking you legend!

Most of the trip I had gone solo – which I think is a great way to challenge yourself: to be more self-reliant, more social, more headsmart and overall just getting them life skills. You get to navigate foreign environments with unfamiliar languages and exotic foods – you are learning new things everyday.

You also get to make friends with people all around the world. I had made some awesome friends which made the trip worth it in itself. I had never heard about some of the places that they came from, but here I am hearing about their awesome stories and experiences from their home countries.



#5 Stereosonic

Sydney’s favourite summer mega festival was back at it again with a killer lineup especially on the second stage where we had big names such as DJ Snake, Diplo & Major Lazer, Tchami and Jauz lighting it up.

Although having been to Stereosonic a few times now this would be my first time where I would be listening more to the Trap and Electro setup rather than the stuff they had going on the Main stage. Definitely made the right decision – so much more energy and hype, as well as more room to smash it out; no one likes feeling like a sardine in those huge main stage crowds.

Usually the Stereosonic weekend falls on my birthday every year so its always a fun time; I think I had another birthday celebration along with stereo so it was a big weekend but yeah happy 22nd to me!


#4 Starting Work

Ay well the money has got to run dry at some point. Lucky for me I had snagged a job and it was time to start working and paying my taxes like a grown up. I can see the adult problems coming already.

Anyway, my previous internship gigs had gotten me prepared to that kind of working life so it wasn’t too bad of a transition and arguably it is easier now considering my last semester I was juggling full time work and full time uni and now only need to focus on one.

Shout out to the wolfpack for making the inductions quite fun – had a great time down in Melbs.


#3 Bali squad

This was good shit right here. Absolute killer of a week with the squad, bali was absolutely beautiful (at least when you get out of Kuta). Had some great food and a real chill place to stay, we chipped in for a nice private villa in Seminyak (with a sweet pool) which we found on Airbnb so it was a nice bargain deal value-for-money wise.

We went to quite a few beaches, visited the rice terraces, coffee plantations and monkey temples. But one of the best moments was when we all made the climb up Mount Batur. It was an absolute struggle for me as I was feeling really car sick and nauseous from all the alcohol from the night before being shaken about on the ride to the base of the mountain – I threw up twice. But we made it top the top just in time to see the glorious sunrise.

Bali cops a lot of shit for being the piss up place for drunk Aussies but it has so much more to offer and I am pretty glad we didn’t let those kinds of expectations get in the way of a really fun trip. When I return I would probably like to make more use of my scuba diving licence and check out some of the reefs and sunken shipwrecks.


#2 Japan

Japan was the stuff of dreams and of the future. I had an amazing time exploring the all the weird and cool shit in Tokyo. I was frothing at all the delicious food Japan had to offer in Osaka. I was amazed by all the heritage and culture I got to witness in Himeji and Kyoto.

Backpacking again solo it was like I was back in my element and had a chance to stretch out the legs again. Given how vast and complex some of Japans cities are to get around, I had a ball of time navigating the concrete jungles. Doing it myself I covered so much ground and saw so many things I don’t think I could have visited had I had someone else tag along – I think most days I was tracking more than 15kms walked.

And still yet there is so much left to see! I will definitely have to make a return trip, maybe during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, who knows.


#1 Graduation

This one is memorable not so much for the occasion/ceremony itself but as a milestone and a big moment in life.

I had some of the best times of my life with my UTS squad and was really happy to have a great cohort to study with in my fellow BIT kids (shoutout to the schnitty crew love you guys), not just in my year but above and below – you know who you guys are – thanks for making it a memorable journey and I am sure we have lots still to come.

Some of the better parts of uni were the many booze cruises, bar tabs, halloweens, balls, pub crawls, christmas parties, halloweens and even just chilling in the loft/underground/glasshouse – I can’t remember the entirety of those parties but they were fucking good. I will miss the uni life.

Also shout out to my family, mum and dad  and brother who have supported me so much to be able to get me to this point. I hope I can do you guys proud.



Well that about wraps it up! Here’s just one more bunch of random pics of stuff that happened in between. Will buy you a round if you can guess all of them!

I’m very thankful that I have been able to have so many of these brilliant moments, it is part of the reason why I like to write here – so that as the years go by I know that I have made them count.

We  all used to look back on memories by flipping through a photo album but they seem to be falling out of fashion in this new digital era we live in, so I hope this blog will be able to preserve some of my experiences in a similar way.

Heres for wishing a big year ahead with hopefully just as big moments! 


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