London & EDC

The time has come and your boy is back at it again for another jaunt round Europe!

After a gruelling 24 hours in transit from Sydney via Qatar, my good friend CC and I touch down in London. This time we are staying in Waterloo, not quite as fancy as South Kensington but it is in a more convenient location. As it happens Wimbledon is on and so the first thing we do after showering down is head to Madison’s; a cool but classy rooftop joint overlooking St Pauls where you can also watch the game on a big outdoor screen. Basically it has the ivy vibes for the Sydney peeps. Although slightly pricy it’s a good place to chill; I grab some Brooklyn lager and Pimms (classic British Summer cocktail) and watch Andy Murray edge out Tsonga in a tense 5-setter that had the Brits on their feet and roaring. Old mate Andy would go on to win the championship a few days later but we were slightly busy on our lazy Sunday sesh to catch the game but more on that later.

The first thing I want to eat in London, and have been craving for ages is a defuckinglicious Lobster brioche from burger & lobster. There’s one literally downstairs. I was not at all disappointed. Good fucking stuff. Wish they would open up one in Sydney they would make a killing!

Next morning we are having a full English breakfast at the Regency cafe with a friend of CCs (shoutout to jizzy) who is also going to be bouncing around Europe for the summer. If you don’t know, a full English is basically your big breakfast which has eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, baked beans, toast and hash browns. The dirty works pretty much. After a little catch up we head to Hyde Park to ride the bikes and work off that huge breakfast. Pretty sweet weather must say and a rarity as well for the locals who are enjoying what little sun they get.

While having a crepe for lunch around South Kensington, I decided to suss out this huge craze – Pokemon Go had just been released and was making all the news. Basically it’s a whole new Pokemon experience where you have to get out and about and travel to new locations to catch new Pokemon. Good thing that travelling is all I will be doing for the next 8 weeks! The peeps in Europe though have no idea what it is as it has only been launched so far in Aus, NZ and the US I believe. Shit is cash.

For lunch on Friday we thought it’d be a good idea to treat ourselves before we start living on the cheap. We went to Nobu. Apart from feeling a little underdressed at this super fancy restaurant the food was super good. I got a sushi/sashimi platter which had the best and freshest fish. I was pretty sick of the subpar sushi we have in most places in Sydney so it was quite the reminder of what good sushi tastes like.

It wasn’t all play and no work in London Town. Friday arvo I spent at the IBM London studios to visit my peers and see what big blue life was like over here. I got to check out all the cool stuff they had and see the collaborative spaces they had. The place is so cool that it is the preferred location to show to clients as it has a much more interactive vibe especially when showing demos and such. I even got to see one as it happened with a major European football club (don’t think I’m allowed to say who) trying out some VR gear.

Rest of the day I met back up with CC in Notting Hill for drinks at a local and a pretty sweet Italian meal down the road. I think it’s great that London has a great local vibe as many people don’t have to slog it in to central London to get a decent feed or even just pub drinks; there is much more emphasis on heading down to your local arms for some sneaky beers or cocktails. Though tonight was not too big of a night as EDC was tomorrow and we would need all the energy we can get. Get hype! Pretty much spent the morning listening to EDC Vegas sets for a solid gee up.

The train ride to Milton Keynes is a quick 30mins but the walk to the national bowl where EDC is setup takes us close to an hour. Definitely not the most convenient location. So we get in about 3pm and the first thing I notice is that the lineup has moved around a bit and the worst thing was Dillon Francis was now missing from it! The sets before and after had been extended to cover his slot. So disappointing – I follow dillz on snapchat and he landed in London that morning so I defy know he could have made it.

First up we saw Alison Wonderlands second set on the main stage; she played some solid bangers but the crowd wasn’t as into it as I was expecting but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Next up was Jauz! I’m a big fan of the guy he’s such a bro and was literally just another festival goer watching from below only a year ago and here he is now playing on the big stage – full credit to his success. As usual his set was downright lit.

For the rest of the afternoon we saw dmitri Vegas & like mike, Oliver Helens and Martin garrix: great performances from all three. At this time we thought to suss out the other stages (there were 4). One was playing mostly trance which I am not a big fan of and the other was doing some heavy dub step/ garage kind of stuff. Was okay but we stuck to the other 2 mains. Galant is was one of them but was too packed at the time so we made our way back to the main stage to close it out.

Axwell and the other Swedish house mafia dude played their classic hits that they made when SHM was still around. Avicii closing out the night was a big disappointment but i did not expect much anyway. The transitions were all off and he wasn’t really pumping any energy, most of the crowd were standing still and the vibe was more akin to a warmup DJ. I think most People only stuck around because this would be his last ever performance before he retires.
Overall a sick day out anda good showing for EDC UK!

The next morning I spend just sleeping in before heading out to lunch in Brixton to catch up with a mate who has since moved to London and is enjoying da life (shoutout to Bassam). He took us to a delicious burger joint in Brixton village which were nice and juicy, while he tells us how he’s been since the big move. We have some gourmet chocolates after which were absolute heaven.

The next day is our last day in London, I meet up with old mate who has also moved to Europe (shoutout to corn) and is around South Kensington for a coffee, before heading to Soho for last minute shopping. And then we are off to Paris!

I am writing this as we speed away on the Eurostar. Had a great time in one of the worlds best cities, here’s to more adventures to come! I am sure I will be back many times and uncover more and more cool places each time I come around, the place is huge and just has so much to offer! Could potentially come live here for a little but any. Potentially. We’ll see how that goes I may miss HSPs too much to leave Sydney wallah.

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