Return 2 the Dam


Big boy is back for Amsterdam round two!

So yeah this post is probably going to be a little shorter for reasons (lol) if you get me

I had previously visited Amsterdam with some uni mates two years ago around summer time as well and it was beautiful! So I thought why not lets have another crack at it. The days are long, nice and warm which makes walking/biking around the best thing in the world.

Except this time I had already seen a lot of the the places and done a lot of the ‘must-dos’ such as visiting the Van Gough museum, lurking around the Red Light District and bumming around the coffeeshops. I had already taken photos with the I Amsterdam signage, got lost in the canals and drink at the Heineken museum.

This little getaway was more for me to relax and have a little time out for myself. CC and myself were meeting friends in Amsterdam (shoutout to Donna) so that CC would have a buddy to go sightseeing with while I bum around the coffeeshops and parks.

In short I had a blast as this time I was no longer the rookie toker and could appreciate some good bud and pretty much tried everything on the menu! The best was super silver haze. Not just silver haze, SUPER silver haze – you have to try it. I shared some with a new friend at Tomorrowland and after he had just one puff he might as well have been on the moon.

By the end of the week my rolling skills had increased 10 fold and were pretty much a work of art comparable to origami if I do say so myself. We also tried magic truffles but I don’t think I had a big enough dosage – CC and Donna got a little bit of the hallucinations and visual effects, meanwhile I am there lying relatively sober listening to how cooked they sound lol.

Some of the other highlights for when I wasn’t in a coffeeshop:

  • Canal Cruise: a little touristy but still a nice thing to do especially in the Summer
  • Food Festival at Museumplein: foodie galore! I had 3 different mains because everything smelled so good I had to try as much as I could scoff down
  • Wok 2 walk: you pick your noodles, you pick your sauces and meats & veggies and BAM you got your own new meal. Great stuff for the munchies

I’d like to say I did more things but I can’t quite remember all that much but I know I had a great time 🙂 Thanks for the great vibes Amsterdam and see you again as I am sure I will be back a few times more!

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