Expectations were pretty high surrounding all the hype as Tomorrowland was biggest music festival in the world with people all saying how much of an unforgettable experience it all was – and it DELIVERED BIG TIME.

It had everything – the music, the lights, the people all combined to make an intoxicating atmosphere which made for some of the fondest memories and best times of the entire trip!


Highly recommend checking out the after movie here: Tomorrowland 2016 – Official Aftermovie

The first part of this post I’ll try and recap everything that I can remember of the 4 day festival and then at the end I’ll drop a note to myself for a few things to remember for next time (because FOR SURE I will be back at some point or another, it was just too good).

This was the big moment and pretty much the whole reason we are back in Europe and planned our trip around this event. Tomorrowland hosts 180,000 people every year in the town of Boom, Belgium where a wide range of artists from all different genres of dance music play on the most extravagant stages.

We had purchased a package which had both the festival pass + 4 days of camping in a 2 person tent in DreamVille + return flights to Lisbon  (of which we would only used the outbound since we were coming in from Antwerp).


Thursday – Day 0

All the campers at Tomorrowland are treated to an exclusive extra day of the festival called  ‘The Gathering’ which is essentially a pre-game Gee up for the big spectacle and also a little warm up for all the revellers.

We made our way in from Antwerp via the local bus which took around 40 mins (Belgium is a really small country lol) and checked in to DreamVille which is pretty much a huge dedicated tent town filled with people from all over the world, proudly displaying their flags on the outside of their tents.


Everything was already set up including the blow-up mattress and we quickly made friends with our neighbours which ranged from Spaniards, Maltese, Americans and Brits – overall everyone is here to have an amazing time and people are super friendly!

We then went to stock up on some supplies like beers and snacks to tide us over the next few days from the nearby supermarket outside the festival in the town of Boom. There are food facilities inside DreamVille though they tend to be a little pricey and a bit of a walk from the tents, not ideal when you are feeling super lazy and just want a small bite.

The rest of the afternoon we spent sharing drinks with our new Spanish friends! Apparently my Spanish is not too bad but also pretty happy that their english is pretty good 🙂 We also share some of the good stuff we brought from Amsterdam to make for a super chill afternoon 😉


The sun starts to go down and we head into the Gathering – for what is just a teaser was simply amazing; it had all the lights and a proper stage and an ending with fireworks! This night alone could have been a festival in itself.


Friday – Day 1

Blue Skies, Not too hot, not too cold – the perfect setting for a perfect day!

The sleep in the tent overnight was a little tricky since the blow-up mattress meant the slightest movement would wake up both people but we managed and got a solid nights rest. Waking up the first stop is to wash up in one of the outdoor showers before having a few bevvies with the neighbours again and talk about who we are excited to see today.

By this point one thing is incredible clear – there are so many fucking aussies here it is ridiculous, everywhere you look you can spot a group of your countrymen. Somewhat proud that despite living the furthest away possible from Tomorrowland we are one of the biggest groups here – big ups boys!

We have another round of bevvies with some more Aussie boys chilling around the campsite before heading into the main festival around 12 to meet Angela, Donna and Erina inside – good friends from back home who are also travelling around Europe staying close by in Brussels.

The sheer amount of people here is overwhelming – it took a little while to get through the gates but once inside the place is massive and plenty of space for people to bounce around the dozen or so different stages.

Fridays lineup was the one I was most excited for, especially to see marshmello and the nghtmre & slander B2B set.

For the first hour or two we spent wandering around the festival grounds to check out all the different stages, each having their own theme. To give an estimate of the size it takes roughly 20-30 mins to walk from one side of the festival to the other.

As the day went on we saw amazing set after amazing set – all in all had an unbelievably fun time!

After the last act finished up and everyone started to head back to the buses/tents we had a little walk around the place just to see how beautiful it was at night, and the relaxed on the hammocks until we got kicked out for the clean up crew to come in. Lucky there were kick ons back at DreamVille so we had a few more bevvies before finally knocking off


Saturday – Day 2

Today we had a bit more freedom as we had already gone around to see most of the stages and each of the acts we wanted to see didnt clash at all so we could bounce around whenever. I ended up going around to a Drum n Bass stage which had THE hottest dancers I kid you not – moves were also on point 😉


Then we headed to a hardstyle stage for a bit of a hakk


The house of madness to cut some shapes


For the rest of the evening we ended up sticking around the main stage for the likes of big room DJs such as Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, the Chainsmokers, Alesso, etc.

The fireworks for the last set were insane, they were shooting up all around the stadium in the brightest colours – too good to be watching it through a phone so I put it down and just took it all in, amazing stuff!


Sunday – Day 3

The last day was finally here 😦

Before we headed inside we had the biggest pre-game sesh ever. Trust the americans to buy an insane amount of beer that we all had to finish as there was no point taking the leftovers with us after we leave.


I also go acquainted with a beer bong – lots of fun lol


Unfortunately CC went a little too hard and ended up spewing before taking a time out in the tent before we headed inside, while I was hoping we didn’t miss out on too much while she was knocked tf out 😦

Thankfully we got there in time to catch my favourite acts – Jauz and Yellowclaw!

From there on out it was a wild ride around the main stage with fireworks going off every 5 minutes to please an insanely hyped crowd.

Martin Garrix closed with a bang which marked the end of the festival 😦

This was probably one of the most fun weekends in my life and I am so happy to have shared it with some of the best people around  – shout out to CC, angela, erina and donna as well as the new friends I have made in DreamVille!



HOT TIPS / Tomorrowland Survival Guide

I’ll try to keep this one focused on TML specifically as all the general big music festival tips apply here like setting meeting places with your friends if you get lost, staying hydrated, using sunscreen, etc.

  1. Don’t forget to eat! You can get a little caught up having fun to notice that you haven’t eaten in a while. Make sure you get a solid breakfast, lunch and dinner
  2. Bring/keep bottle caps – when you buy water at most places inside they will give it to you without the cap. Keep one so you can refill at water stations
  3. Leave plenty of time to move between stages as you may underestimate the amount of traffic in between you at the stage you want to get to
  4. Remain vigilant of your surroundings – there are an abundance of flags and poles moreso than at any other festival, which can accidentally hit you if someone isn’t being careful
  5. For camping peeps: FOOD AND DRINKS. Buy these in bulk to your tents. Nothing is worse than waking up hungry/thirsty and having to walk to get your fill. Water is important
  6. Wet wipes – stay fresh homies.
  7. Don’t wear your best kicks (obviously) as you will be dancing around for 4 days and if you are also camping will be going through dirt and mud
  8. The Big Ferris Wheel is free! Something I did not know and sadly missed out on so make sure to get on it atleast once to check out the awesome view
  9. Get a map and make sure everyone is familiar with it – TML is huge and easy to get lost. Learn the names of the stages so you know how to get around
  10. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! Don’t let anything get you down, you are here to have the most amazing time; take it easy if you are feeling a little dusty but also don’t be afraid to get into the spirit of things and bounce around in the mosh 🙂


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