Lagos, Portugal. Not Lagos, Nigeria. Juuuuust making sure we’re talking about the same place 🙂

Lagos is a beautiful beach town in the southern part of Portugal called the Algarve, which is the famed coastline with striking cliffs and white sandy beaches (there aren’t too many of these in Europe). It is the popular summer getaway for all of Europe and it isn’t hard to see why!

Tiny warning that this place has become a little touristy in recent years as we evidently noted that the majority of passengers on our bus from Lisbon were Australian (you can hear us before you see us kind of deal). While a family friendly town during the day, there is a small section that comes alive at night with many bars and plenty of backpackers roaming the streets on pub crawls and the like.


So whether or not that is your thing is no problem as there is plenty to see and do during the day! As you walk along the coast out of the town you can ‘beach-hop’ taking a little break at every beach to get a great vantage point over the Algarve. In order they are;


Praia da Batata

Praia da Batata is the busiest beach and the closest to the town, here you can go for a swim inside the netted off areas as well as rent kayaks or a jetski if thats your thing!



Praia do Piñhao


Praia do Piñhao is a very small beach by comparison that you could miss entirely if you don’t keep any eye out, it is just a small strip of sand down a steep staircase. A fairly private spot as most people don’t know its even there



Praia Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana is probably the biggest beach here and is quite popular with a few amenities and big hotels in the background. Not a bad spot to grab a snack or lunch, you can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas here if you would like a more relaxing day



Praia do Comilo

Praia do Comilo is the famous and picturesque beach you can see in the featured photo! After a short walk down a wooden staircase you arrive at a fairly small beach which can get a little busy as it is so popular but the view is quite amazing indeed


You can even keep walking down until you reach the lighthouse Farol da Ponta da Piedade, which affords a great view over the Atlantic Ocean.


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