Ola Barcelona!

We have arrived in Barca! What a stunning city that is like no other.

We were also lucky enough to coincidentally be here during the famous street festival – Festa Major de Gracia, which in itself was an amazing experience.

On our first day we wanted to go and visit the beautiful Parc Guell, the other masterpiece from Gaudi, a.k.a the Ginger bread town. There was something so unique about the place and how it blended nature and lush greens with an eclectic style that is quite remarkable. The mosaics made up of discarded broken tiling was what I found to be most interesting and visually captivating as the colours worked together to form shapes and outlines.

The view itself from the park looking over the city is also quite amazing. I like that they stagger the entry times of the tickets so that it does not ever feel too crowded, the traffic control although not very convenient makes for a pleasurable experience for everybody. We did not feel like we were rushed through and had plenty of time to explore the entire park (although it was not as large as we were expecting).

Afterward we headed up into the hill which Park Guell sits on to get a view of the entire city as we discovered a pretty cool lookout at the top.

IMG_8463 (1)

After a long day of exploring we had the most delicious pintxos! Now if you don’t know what these are they are pretty much like assorted canapes with lots of different and delectable toppings on bread speared through by a toothpick. Grab a beer or wine and then go nuts and try everything!

After a nap that turned into a 5-6 hours sleep (we were way more tired than we realised) it was ready to go clubbing! Note that the nightlife starts really late like we are talking no one starts going in until atleast 1am. We had some pres at the hostel with a few of the people there and took a party bus down to where all the beach clubs are. Tonight it was Opium. Now call me a snob or whatever but I was not a fan at all of the mainstreamy music/radio tunes so it was an average night for me but got to meet some interesting people nevertheless. The night ended at 6am when the sun started coming up.

In the morning we decided to go and visit La Boqueria for breakfast – this was a nice little market near Las Ramblas that sells lots of fresh produce and has a range of food vendors. We ended up having brunch at some hipstery cafe before wandering around Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. We did some touristy things and CC ended up getting a caricature.


After that we jsut had a stroll through the neighbourhoods which were quite picturesque and ended up seeing the Arc de Triompf and then had a siesta in the nearby gardens.

In typical fashion we had another siest back at our place before waiting for nightfall and heading to Gracia for the much anticipated street festival. As soon as we arrived we were shook. There were firecrackers, flares and screamers going off in the street and it was just craziness. As explained by our friend Nicole, the entire Gracia takes part in the festival and decorates their street to fit a theme – of the ones we saw we were talking like hollywood, pirates, jungle, star wars, you name it.

On top of that there were a whole bunch of live music stages set up dotted around the area playing everything from folk music, to EDM, to rock. We took in it all and it was amazing.


There is just something so refreshing about just buying a beer and drinking and partying on the street like it is your backyard. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and I will always remember this memory. It was so good we came back again the next night with our Barcelona friends who we met at Tomorrowland – Lizz & Nico!

We also managed to squeeze out time to see the renowned Sagrada Familia. Like Parc Guell they also stagger the entry times on the tickets so it doesn’t ever feel too crowded. It was amazing. The rainbow colour stained-glass windows painted beautiful pictures on the inside of the cathedral. The massive arches seemed like huge trees that went into the sky holding up the canopy – it was unlike any other cathedral I had ever seen or will ever see.

A visit to Barcelona would also not be complete without some tapas! We had a lovely dinner with Lizz & Nico’s friends before partying it up in Gracia again. The Catalunyans sure know how to have a great time. Later into the night we also managed to hit up another club/warehouse, Razzmatazz playing host to one of my favourites – Dillon Francis! Just my kind of show. I was even more pleased that my $30 ticket paid for $30 worth of drinks when I got there!

We were in Barcelona for about 5 days to truly soak in the city and not feel rushed, and this was about perfect. We had an amazing time and would absolutely visit again!


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