Tomorrowland! Again!

They say Tomorrowland is a once in a lifetime experience but looks like I am back again!

After an unforgettable and amazing experience at last years Tomorrowland it didn’t take too much convincing to be lured back. I guess this post is a little bit of a recap and comparison of TML 2016 v. TML 2017 – of course both rate extremely highly and cannot be compared to anything else but a few friends have asked the obvious question; which year did you like better?



The Music and Artists

Tomorrowland always manages to pull off an amazing line up there is never any doubt about that and it is very difficult to say which year I liked better so I don’t think I’ll give a leg up to either but I’ll give a mention to the standout sets that we really enjoyed

NGHTMRE b2b with SLANDER absolutely killed it last year! They were already on the up and up, and their debut TML set cemented their status as Trap Lords. Bangers all the way through, go watch it on YouTube you won’t regret it. They even got my other friends super into it even though they didn’t really listen to this kind of stuff. Not on the main stage but I feel this made it better as all the true fans were out in force with tons more energy.

The set I enjoyed the most this year hands down goes to W&W. Heavy and fast, long builds with nasty hooks what more can I ask for? They did a crazy hour and a half of full madness in the newly renovated freedom stage under the big wheel which was a serious upgrade, the lights and sounds package amplified an already amazing performance. Props to the crowd too, plenty of OG ravers in the mix and everyone was super friendly.

You won’t find a better line up than at any other music festival – don’t even try.


The Stages and Production

I think this years theme, ‘Amicorum Spectaculum’ was much better than last years ‘Elixir of Life’ in both spectacle and scale. The theme was present everywhere from stage design, merch, touring circus performers, intro videos, and designs on festival bracelets and tickets. 

The main stage had trapeze artists, stilt walkers, trampolines, aerial performers, even the rings of death from Cirque du Soleil! No expense was spared. Gotta give it to this years production they pulled out all the stops to put on the worlds greatest lights and sound show.


I feel there were more fireworks last year and were dropping them every hook it seemed! They still had plenty this year although they were a little more restrained which I feel is good – too many fireworks can sometimes distract from the music itself.

TML 2017 definitely wins here, no one has ever seen anything like this. What a show.


Camping and Dreamville

This year we stayed in a 4 person Spectacular Easy Tent which is only one step above last years Easy Tents, the only difference being that this time we had hard flooring instead of just grass, as well as mains power. Other than that it is pretty all the same and is even in the same section of Dreamville with access to the same facilities such as showers, BBQs, bars, hammocks, lockers, etc.


Although we did have deck chairs! That and being able to charge all our accessories such as our phones and speakers I think is definitely worth the minor upgrade. On that note I think the win for this category goes to 2017 TML.

On a side note I was lucky enough to get a small taste of the DreamLodges and Cabanas which I must say is pretty nice; they have fully enclosed rooms which stay relatively warm at night, proper beds with a nice futon mattress and quilts, nicer deck chairs, and your own patio which stays dry even in the rain and overall there is a bit more space. 

I can’t really compare the food too much because I didn’t really have a lot of it last year which is a shame, although most of the choices look about the same. One really nice touch though is that they now do free delivery to tents! How cool is it that you can pick food from the app, and a short while later a dude on a bike shows up with your eats! 


The People of Tomorrowland

Where do I even begin. I have so much love for all the friends new and old that partied with me at TML 2016 and 2017 you guys know who you are. I am not even going to try and do a comparison I just wanted to sneak this bit in here because this is the glue that ties it all together and truly makes the whole experience. 

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by great friends and so fortunate to have met even more – thank you Tomorrowland for bringing us all together!

see you next year …?



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